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From a young member:

“As a person who is usually pretty shy around people she doesn't know, it was so encouraging for the fellow trumpet players to be so outgoing to talk to me simply because that is the way they are. Over the months, the band offered me so many opportunities to grow both as a person and trumpeter. In school, I had never really been too ready to volunteer to take solos because of how intimated I was by the whole process. In “All In,” however, I was pushed to try improv in a positive way, and I am so glad I did.

Above all, the reason that the All In Brass Band has been so enjoyable is that it is for the most part an easy-going, fun experience with wonderful people and an incredible mission.”

From parents and guardians:
"Playing with the All In Brass Band Mentors is like having my son playing baseball with a member of the Red Wings right next to him at every practice."

"My son said he isn't just 'IN BAND' anymore, now he's "IN A BAND," and he uses words like 'gig.' Pretty cool. He's a different kid now." 

"After one of the fundraisers, on the way the way home, my son told me all about the charity they played for. He knows more about that medical research than anything else he's ever talked about. This band isn't just creating great music. It's creating great talks on the ride home."

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